Start A Supporter Campaign


You can help us raise support for specific needs by creating your own supporter campaign today. This feature allows you to create a campaign and provides the ability to rally all of your friends around the cause. With things like "Donate Your Birthday" or a "Matching Campaign," you can help us Restore Hope and Build Futures for children living in Forgotten Places.

Stove For Legacy Center

Starting in January, we will be cooking a hot nutritious meal 5 days a week at the Legacy Center Datanli. We are in need of this stove to make this possible. The price also includes the purchase of...


Lawn Mower

We currently are cutting grass in two locations with one Weedeater. With the purchase of this mower it would cut down on the work load required to maintain the properties.  .


Copy Machine

At the present moment, we pay a printer to make all of our copies. This adds up to be very expensive. We make many copies for the children's classes at the Legacy centers. We believe that the purch...


Homeschool Expense For Our Missionaries

The Blaylock kids are starting a new school year. Winnie is in the 8th grade and Ben is in the 3rd. Would you consider helping them with this expense?